Angie and Jamie

Angie and Jamie
Picking wild flowers


My Family

  "I love my family!"

Fun Times with Jamie, Rick & Angie

We had a wonderful time last summer with a Crab feast. Oh how we laughed and and cut up with each other. Thanks to Angie we had so many yummy steamed crabs. More than we could eat. I have never laughed so hard in all of my life.  Jamie brought the fun and well, Rick just brought his laugh. I just sat back and had a blast!

Friends and family!
They go so good together.
      Christine, Jamie & Angie
          So Much Fun!


         "I Love My Friends"
We had so much fun with our friends, Nancy & Kenny
on my birthday this past Saturday night.  We had a
wonderful dinner and a great time after.
Good friends are hard to find.

                   "Dylan"  our grandson
This is Dylan doing what he loves. Riding his dirt bike. He has ridden since he was four years old. Can you see him on a dirt bike with training wheels? That is how he got his start. :-)
Broken Leg!


Yep, Dylan broke his leg below his knee in Gym class. Can we say "Not Happy?" Although he did get out of school for a couple of days, so that made it so much better. Had to wear the red leg for three weeks. He kept his cast. Wouldn't that look good made into a lamp or a smoking stand? Really long leg huh, and all the way up to his thigh. Dr. was worried about growth plate. We are hoping and praying it is all okay. Wearing a brace now. I love this guy!
Glad that is all over with!!!

Why I love football!
 "Go  Ponies"

My Mom
Edith Musselwhite Sanders Carr Cox
2/20/33 ~ 5/25/93
I miss you mommy

Janie Sanders and Henry Tuggle wedding

Front row
Janie Tuggle, Mary Louise Sanders, *Edith Sanders, Ethel Sanders
Back row
Henry Tuggle, George Sanders, *Alvin Sanders, Bob Sanders
*My Parents


Dylan loved being in the Jamaican waters. He had fun with his skin board and the jet skis. Two days we went to Margaritaville and he and his cousins played on the huge trampoline there. That is where he rented the jet ski and was all over the water.  He is a natural.  I love that kid!


My Grandog ~ Kash

Our Grand dog

Kash is one silly Beagle dog.
He will hide his toys from his Daddy dog and tease him.
I've never known such an intelligent dog and yet at the
same time, such a hard headed one.
Kash knows how to figure it all out and if a dog could
rule the world then I am sure Kash would be the dog in charge!

Don't let that cute face fool you.


Walter Carr & Linda
My step dad and me when I was about three years old.


Walter sings If Teardrops Were Pennies in the style of Carl Smith

My step dad has the best voice I have heard.
You just cannot keep a good man down.
You just keep on singing dad.
Walter W. Carr, Jr.

The Lord called my daddy home.

My step-dad passed away on
December 22, 2011

Walter W. Carr, Jr.
I will always miss you Daddy

Here is your dove that
I released for you daddy.

I loved you then,
I love you still.


Well, it isn't always about me. But, I am hopeing I can at least express myself here, and share my compassions of "life".
I hope to meet other "bloggers" and make new friends.
How am I doing so far Lesia?
This is a big challenge. :)

Kiss Me