Angie and Jamie

Angie and Jamie
Picking wild flowers


Walter sings If Teardrops Were Pennies in the style of Carl Smith

My step dad has the best voice I have heard.
You just cannot keep a good man down.
You just keep on singing dad.
Walter W. Carr, Jr.

The Lord called my daddy home.

My step-dad passed away on
December 22, 2011

Walter W. Carr, Jr.
I will always miss you Daddy

Here is your dove that
I released for you daddy.

I loved you then,
I love you still.


Well, it isn't always about me. But, I am hopeing I can at least express myself here, and share my compassions of "life".
I hope to meet other "bloggers" and make new friends.
How am I doing so far Lesia?
This is a big challenge. :)

Kiss Me