Angie and Jamie

Angie and Jamie
Picking wild flowers


Dylan loved being in the Jamaican waters. He had fun with his skin board and the jet skis. Two days we went to Margaritaville and he and his cousins played on the huge trampoline there. That is where he rented the jet ski and was all over the water.  He is a natural.  I love that kid!


My Grandog ~ Kash

Our Grand dog

Kash is one silly Beagle dog.
He will hide his toys from his Daddy dog and tease him.
I've never known such an intelligent dog and yet at the
same time, such a hard headed one.
Kash knows how to figure it all out and if a dog could
rule the world then I am sure Kash would be the dog in charge!

Don't let that cute face fool you.


Walter Carr & Linda
My step dad and me when I was about three years old.